Friday, 13 January 2012

Words of Wisdom: Week 2

Something that has really been grinding my gears lately is guys that think that girls wear makeup and dress for them. Guys that like "natural beauty" and crap like that. After reading this article, I felt like running up to the nearest male and screaming. (Sometimes I get angry..)

Here is a snippet of the article:
In the end that's what really, really pisses me off about the whole thing -- that we can read about how men don't like us to wear makeup on page 39, then turn to page 40 and see photos of gorgeous models who spent hours in the makeup chair or ads for the very same cosmetics we don't need.
It's the disconnect of being trained since birth to look a certain way, only to have dudes turn around and go, "Don't you know we hate all that stuff on your face?" Like it was our idea! Like women collectively woke up one day and thought, "Wouldn't it be awesome to slap a bunch of chemicals and dyes on our faces every morning from now on?"
I hate the fact that guys see makeup as 'covering up the ugly'. Makeup, to me, is a way of enhancing features and making me feel better about myself. There are women in this world that don't wear makeup, and I give props to those people. But just because women wear makeup, doesn't make them "unnaturally pretty". No one has to have makeup. Sometimes its a way for girls to just feel better about themselves; not to look more attractive when it comes to guys.

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