Monday, 23 January 2012

Me To You: Pinterest!

Pinterest is literally the best thing ever. Almost as cool as ice cream. Think of tumblr, but more visually aesthetic. You basically "pin" things to your boards. As an example:

You can also pin other things from other websites! It's rather great. Since I'm currently in an interior design obsession, I've been pinning lots of different ideas for my future home! And lots of clothing DIY's that I want to do, for example: this DIY to make an elbow patch sweater (that I've been wanting for over a year!). And a variety of photos of Michelle William and Karen Gillan because they have things I want to have: a pixie cut, and red hair. 

Pinterest is the perfect website for anyone interested in compiling photos of ideas and objects! You can request an invite to Pinterest here! And feel free to follow mine here!

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