Thursday, 12 January 2012

Things We Love: Week 2

I love lists. I love having an excuse to make lists. So here is my list of the things I'm currently in love with!

Angus and Julia Stone - Their song for the, uh, Breaking Dawn soundtrack, called Love Will Take You is all kinds of lovely. Whenever its wintertime and dreary outside, I like to listen to soft music, and this fits into my 'sleepyhead' playlist perfectly!

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. I'm only 80-or-so pages into it, but it's absolutely wonderful. Hazel is kind of me (likes to read, doesn't know how to flirt, and likes sleep), and I'm really falling in love with Augustus.

I'm obsessed with interior design. I spend hours looking at interior design blogs and compiling a list of things I want. All I want in life is to have a house with a 1. spiral staircase, 2. exposed brick, and 3. lots of photos, and LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND! Can someone please direct me to this house and a real estate agent?

TV time with my Nanny- After staying at my Nanny's house frequently because she lives quite close to where I go to school, I've watched so much good television. She really got me into The Good Wife, and I am so glad she did.

Michelle Williams on the cover of VOGUE Germany. No need to explain why. 

Other notable loveable things on this list: Reunions with old friends. Dinner dates. Sushi. Bridget Jones. New paint. Cute guys in my new classes. Inspiration from all over. Finding bliss in the perfect white chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookie.

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