Monday, 2 January 2012

Me to You: The Single Girls To-Do List

If there is something that I am used to, its being single. So what better way to deal with my single status by reading a book about a single girl! I picked up The Single Girl's To-Do List a few weeks ago from my local library, and immediately fell in love.

Written by Lindsey Kelk, who wrote the "I Heart ____" novels, has written one of the most relatable characters that I've ever read about. Rachel Summers, I feel is the Bridget Jones of this generation. In short, Rachel gets dumped out of the blue by her boyfriend of 5 years. Like myself, she is big on list making. As a way of dealing with her breakup, Rachel and her two friends, Matthew and Emelie, create a list called "The Single Girls To-Do List", which is filled with challenges and goals that she must overcome and accomplish.

Throughout the book, I laughed out loud, I said "NO! RACHEL! Why are you doing this! Go after him!",  and fell in love unexpectedly with someone in the book. Rachel deals with creeps at the supermarket, attractive yoga instructors, and her high school crush whose moved from London to Toronto. Rachel turns into her own person; not someone who has to rely on a significant other. She even makes comments about the way her crush uses "lol" during a Facebook conversation! (Sounds just like me!)

Not only has it been such a pleasure to read it, Lindsey Kelk wrote in Doctor Who and Mad Men references, so perfect! “It’s one thing to take a girl’s toothpaste, it’s another to take her Don Draper—.” Quirky Rachel and Spunky Rachel are both women that I shall strive to be like in my daily life. WWRSD? What would Rachel Summers do?

Hilarious and written in a perfect perspective, The Single Girls To-Do List is perfect for anyones bookshelf, if you're single or not.

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