Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome to Letters Overseas

When Laura and I started discussing the idea of writing our own blog, we were kind of puzzled as to what exactly we should discuss. We knew the basics; We were two best friends. I lived in Canada. Laura lived in England. We both spend a little bit too much time reading blogs and updating twitter. We both love to write, create, and read. So we asked ourselves some questions. What are we doing this for? What exactly will we post?

Letters Overseas is a blog about life and the things we love. This blog will be a creative outlet for us, and hopefully, for you too. We want to be able to intertwine our love of novels, art, film, writing, music, and put all of this on the internet. We are doing this blog (mostly) for us, as a way to easily keep a visual diary of our lives as they progress, and since we live approximately 3000 miles away, it'll be a good way to show each other our daily findings.

But we also want this blog to be a way to connect with others who also have an appreciation and love for the things we love! So feel free to submit your own art, writing, review, or anything you feel like sharing.

We will post throughout the week, once a day, except on Saturday's, which is when we like to spend our day off watching films all day and reading all night.

Thanks for visiting. We hope to see you again sometime soon.

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Laura and Kelsey on a trip to London; 2009

Laura and Kelsey

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