Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Inspiration: Scrapbooking & Typography

(source: rocketrictic)

So, surely there are a lot of you girls out there who love a good soppy quote or a movie filled with wonderful words which you doodle down or write on a social networking site. I was browsing around Flickr the other day when I stumbled upon these wonderful pieces of art. This artist's work is basically a quote beautifully presented using watercolour or marker, it definitely inspired me. I like sitting in a huge mess and slopping a load of things into my scrapbook so these typography pieces have creeped into my work.

In my scrapbook I included two quotes I found and took Rocketrictic's idea into consideration."Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times. If one only remembers to turn on the light." Now all you Potter lovers will know this came from the wonderful Albus Dumbledore. J.K.Rowling is amazing with words. The photo on the next page is a little edit from one I have on one of my earlier pages - I changed the way it looked on photoshop and I included it here on top of a photo I took of the sea because I feel like it fits the quote. I took the photo at a time when I was trying to overcome the hatred of how I look ... the original photo was so bad I went onto photoshop and edited. I feel like what Dumbledore said is true, happiness can be found, I just had to turn on the light myself. And I did, and I'm a lot more comfortable with how I look now. The next "I never really understood the point of social interaction." isn't really a quote, I just saw it on tumblr and loved it because I completely agree. I do enjoy being a hermit and sitting in alone on my computer, or doing my art, or reading a book. It's just a nice way of saying hey, I'm not a huge fan of being social. Don't get me wrong, I love a party or going out with my friends. But, I'd choose staying in over going out all the time.

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  1. this artwork is gorg.
    i love the social interaction quote!


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