Thursday, 26 January 2012

Things We Love: Overseas Best-friends.

January 26th 2009 is on my "Favourite Day's" list. On January 26th, 2009, I met a very important human in my life. Over MySpace. Kinda sounds like a bad way to meet your best friend, but I can only thank MySpace and whichever God sent Laura my way.

I think its safe to say that if Laura never decided to comment some random, our lives would be drastically different. I don't remember if Laura added me, or if I added her, but I know we met from a mutual love of ours (The Jonas Brothers). While re-reading our past myspace conversations, it's so funny to see how we typed back then, to see all of the questions we would ask each other ("What do you call ____ in Canada?" "Do you use ____ word in England?"), and it made me really realize how long ago that day feels, and how it also feels like it was just yesterday. 

When you tell people that your best friend is from England, they always ask how you know each other. Then you explain that you met over the internet, and then you say it was MySpace, and they basically look at you like you are either: 1) crazy, 2) asking for trouble, or 3) they run as fast as they can because obviously you are crazy to not only befriend someone over the internet, but MEET them in real life? Crazy. Nuts. Insane. You should go to the doctor. Your parents should teach you internet safety. You should really think about finding some friends that live in your city. But the thing is, I love meeting people. I love new people and talking with them about anything and everything. And that is something I can do with Laura.

After talking from January-June, discussing the future and making plans, I made the decision to go on a trip. I went on my first holiday, and went on my first plane, and went out of North America for the first time, and flew to England with my Nanny, to visit our family there, eat delicious food, and to meet Laura in real life. It was so wonderful. It was like meeting your long lost sister. 

When I say it feels like it's been years since that January 26th, I mean it feels like that because of everything we've been through. All of the craziness in our lives, whether it be boys, friends, or family, we've always been solid as a rock. We've disagreed, but never have been very angry at one another to the point where we can't speak to one another. We are practically the same person, aside from the fact that our musical tastes are a little bit different sometimes. And she's much better at Temple Run than me.

And it also feels like just yesterday, because even though we know a lot about one another, we not only figure out new things about each other, we never get bored with talking. We literally talk every day. Any day I don't talk to Laura, it's a weird day. It has become part of my daily life. She has become such an important part of my life, I don't know what I would do without her, or what life would be like if she never commented me that January day. It feels like it was just yesterday I was sitting in my living room on my iPod touch, responding to a comment from a girl in Manchester. I remember it so well.

Lots of things have changed during that three years. We may not be into the boy-band that made us friends so much anymore (we always promise to always love them unconditionally, because if it was not for them, we would be strangers), and we live miles apart, but our friendship has not changed one bit. It's still as strong (or even stronger) as it was when I was in England in 2009. 

See you in the summer, my beautiful, inspiring best friend. I love you lots.


  1. I think it's lovely that your friendship is so strong considering the distance! I wish I had an overseas friend ♥

  2. I love the story of how you both became friends! It's so funny, I used to have a little obsession with the Jonas Brothers too haha :-) And oh how I remember the days of Myspace! I think it's really sweet that the two of you have remained such good friends for such a long time despite being 3000 miles away from each other - it's a testament to your friendship! :-)

    Hope you have a brilliant time visiting Manchester again this year, Kelsey!
    Chloe xxx


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