Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday: Award Season

I. Love. Award. Season.

Even if the love of my life, Ryan Gosling, is not there to represent Canada (Fun fact: He lived in my city. If only I was a wee bit older..), and it is odd not seeing Jesse Eisenberg's beautiful face at random angles, but I still love it all.

With my current Marilyn Monroe obsession, and with my love for Michelle Williams, I was so pleased that she won. Literally, every time she would come on the screen I would do a little scream and clap. It's a mix between her incredible acting, shy demeanour, and her incredible pixie cut. AND she wore velvet! Perfect.

Here is a (bad) video of her winning her award. Try not to shed a little tear!

"Michelle Williams told me she keeps her hair short-cropped because Heath Ledger liked it that way."

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