Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tidbit: First week, complete!

Hello all! I just want to thank you to whoever has read or followed us during our first week writing this blog! This has been a big work in progress for Laura and I, and we really appreciate every kind word that has been said. We plan on keeping it up for the long run, posting our favourite things, giving advice and telling stories.

On New Year's Eve, I wrote out my resolutions, and chatted with Laura about the upcoming year. We keep describing it as "The Year of Change", because we are determined to make things change for us. Already, Laura has left her old job and is onto a new one tomorrow!

I've started waking up and telling myself different things each day. Today was "Don't Stress Out", because I start a brand new semester in school. New classes, new classmates. I think if you tell yourself to just "Be Happy" for the day, it'll work.

We hope you had a wonderful first week of 2012.

Kelsey and Laura.

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